Flavia Bazzano


Flavia Bazzano

PhD Civil Engineer

I have had classes with Leigh for two and a half years – the content of the classes is always varied and entertaining. A student’s book is commonly used in the classes, where we can find different exercises to practice grammar and vocabulary. Besides that, many other resources are used like lectures, photos, journals, podcasts etc.

The content of the classes includes different topics of general interest like culture, art, religion, the environment, movies and science, amongst many others. In this way, I always feel I am learning many others interesting things while I expand my vocabulary and English grammar. These themes are always treated in a very open minded and respectful way, so nobody ever feels uncomfortable about thinking differently.

The classes are organized so everybody has a moment to speak and to listen, in a very comfortable learning environment. Also, every theme is treated continuously, so you don´t miss any content even if you miss a couple of classes. Leigh always takes advantage of the presence of new students, or those absent for a long period, and turns what could be a waste of time into an opportunity to learn by teaching your classmates.

I think I have progressed a lot with my English in these years, especially because learning with a native speaker made me recognize the expressions and phrases commonly used. In this way I feel more comfortable communicating in English and I pay more attention to details I didn’t notice before. I really enjoy classes with Leigh and I hope I can continue attending!

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