Rossana Di Bacc


Rossana Di Bacc

Accountant (Tensolite), Grandmother, World Traveller and Foodie

I am an accountant in the management team of a concrete industry and a grandmother who enjoys travelling around the world and cooking. I have been taking English classes with Leigh Cotton for more than four years, and looking back through these years I can say now that I have enriched my soul and improved my skills in the English language.

I said I have enriched my soul because I had an unexpected gift, I found an exceptional human being behind an English teacher. Leigh is respectful to the ideas and the point of view of each student making us all feel comfortable despite the generation gap among the group. She teaches more than English, she taught us about kindness, supporting us when one of us needed to do a CV or apply for a scholarship, being there for us when we needed her, whatever the reason was.

On the other hand, I think I improved my skills with Leigh’s help because of her dedication in looking for and selecting the right topics as contexts for the classes; for example podcasts and every tool that she thinks could be helpful for us. I can enumerate a hundred reasons why the time we spent in classes with Leigh was so delightful, and that is why I will miss her a lot and I wish her the best in her new adventure.

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